There is no delegated access in wikispaces. I have added you to a wikispaces sandbox that you can be an instructor in.

We have 3 wikis available here at Columbia. The wiki in Courseworks - which get's turned on in Site Settings - and has very minimal abilities. And We have wikispaces. his a 3rd party vendor who creates wikis. Anyone can go to and create a wiki for free - with limitations. We pay to have a private label version. What this means is that our faculty don't have to go to to create a wiki. We have two types of wikis through wikispaces available. Wikispaces and wikischolars. THEY ARE THE SAME in functionality. There are some differences... One difference is Wikispaces requires you to log in with a UNI and Wikischolars does not - meaning non Columbia people can access this one - if they are invited. Wikischolars also allows someone to publish the site to the world- no sign in required. Lastly, you don't need to have a class to create a wikischolars site.

Common Questions

1. Activating a Course Wiki

To turn a wikispaces site on, you can go through Courseworks. They have to go into the class they want the wiki for, click on Site Settings, and then click on Edit Tools. Wikispaces is all the way at the bottom, click that and continue, it will ask you to confirm. Only the faculty can do this, because it will then ask them to activate their wiki, tell them to follow the directions.

They can go directly to and click on Activate Course Wiki
Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 5.16.31 PM.png
When they click on that link - the following directions will appear:
Activate Your Course Wiki

Only Faculty listed as the course instructor (in the CU Directory of Courses) are able to activate a course wiki.

To activate your Wikispaces site through Courseworks:

  • Go to your Course in Courseworks
  • Go to "Site Settings"
  • Edit Tools
  • Click on "Wikispaces" and save.
  • Now click on the "Wikispaces" link in the left-hand navigation and follow the directions

To activate your course Wikispaces site now, use the link below.

Activate Your Class Wiki


If you would like to create a site accessible to non-Columbia collaborators, please look into using Wikischolars.

2. Students Cannot Access Wiki

Students should be able to automatically access the wiki. When they click the button in Courseworks, it should open wikispaces, and their should be a button that says Join

Some faculty insist on inviting the students in the students in the members area. Check that, it will show you who is listed as being invited (pending invites)- their email address has to be (ie. - if they are Barnard, TC, Law or Medical students or it says something other than (ie, or - it will not work. Tell the faculty to remove that invite, and to re-invite them using

Sometimes, that doesn't work, the other option is to create a Join Code