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Uservoice is the system we use to track calls, walk-ins and emails. You will not be expected to email faculty from your personal account. In fact, we NEVER want you to do that.

Getting started:

Going to Uservoice- please go to the following site:
You will see a webpage that looks like the image above. In the Right corner it says New and Returning users may sign in - please click that link.
The email address that you need to put in now (as of 10/22/2015) is, the password is Lab20four (capital L, 2 is a number, 0 is a zero and a number, spell out the word four)

When you log in you will see this:
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Please click on Admin Console

The dashboard will now appear
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1. Respond to tickets (emails)

Start by looking on the left side, look for the area labelled Tickets. Click on My Tickets.

Please answer any tickets in this area that you can answer. I will assign you tickets and leave you notes. You should click on the ticket to see if there are any notes or responses already. My initials are EFM, I will always sign my notes with EFM.
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Before you respond make sure the service is correct (based on the content of the email). The service field is at the top of the ticket.
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To select a service,
click on the arrow to
the right of the word
service and a
list will appear
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Once you have selected the correct service, please click into the white message area and type your response. When you are finished typing your response, go to the bottom of the ticket and click Send and Close. Always include the original message in your response (there is a checkbox for that.)

2. Creating a ticket to follow up from a call (NEVER use your own email)

Look for the plus sign at the top of the screen and click on itScreen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.30.41 PM.png

A New Ticket will open - First you need to assign it. Assign it to yourself (CTL- Faculty Learning Commons) if you are following up from a phone call, or sending an email per my request. Assign it to me if it is a phone call that does not need follow up (Center for Teaching and Learning)
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Now, enter the subject (where it reads New Ticket) Try to make the subject concise and think about the fact that we might email the faculty from this ticket, so you need to have a logical subject because they will read it!

i.e. Courseworks question - Test and Quiz

Now enter the contact email (see why the log sheet is so important!)

If all you were able to collect in the call (or all that is written on the log sheet) was the uni, use that. or

If you have their extension or the name you can look it up in the directory

Choose service - all phonecalls get Phonecall as the service, regardless of it is Courseworks or edblogs etc, ALL calls get Phonecalls as the service.

In the Note area type the situation - professor called to get assistance uploading syllabus. We walked them through it.

Or David called because his syllabus kept coming up blank. We discovered that his syllabus is too long to copy and paste, so we broke it up into sections.
People receiving emails from UV do not see notes, you have to be logged into UV to see Notes.

Now that you have created the ticket, please click on Create Ticket.
If you have to email the professor, please click in the message area and type your message.
If you are just entering a call log, click on Close.

3. Entering Walk-Ins

Walk-In tickets are no longer created the same way - they are added to the CTL Activity sheet. The other difference is that you get the information from the clipboard in the lab area that has all the sign-ins AND you enter - Walk-In - in the subject
i.e. Walk-In - Discussion Board help in Courseworks.

4. Other Uservoice Tasks

a. Please check out "Unassigned tickets" and delete anything that is spam, garbage or advertisements. You can also assign it spam (if it is truly spam)
b. In assigned tickets, if you find anything that looks like a legitimate ticket alert me, or assign it to me.
c. Please check in "all tickets" that anything that is closed has a response (you can tell by the blue arrow) OR is supposed to be closed (for example is a walk in ticket that we created a ticket for, so it has just a note, no response) or is not being answered. If it's generic information, assign it to Teresa. If it's Mediathread, assign it to Andre. I

Let's talk about what you need to do in the course of a day.

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