Students will of course be expected to answer the phone, and when faculty walk in ask them if they need assistance. There are some tasks that we will be doing on a daily, hourly and weekly basis.

Please look at the clipboard for your tasks - you will see a checklist, and a place for you to initial what you have done. Always check with Ellen, or Teresa to see if things need to be done.

1. 9am shift tasks:

  • Check the mail
  • Clean the lab - please make sure chairs are neatly ordered, desktops are clean, table top is clean. Whiteboards are clean.
  • If we have plants, Monday students should water them.
  • Check call logs and Walk-In Logs- if we need more, please print.
  • Check with Teresa to see if she needs you to get anything (4-1692).
  • Check voicemail, write down messages.
  • Check Uservoice(UV) to see if we need any tickets to be responded to.

2. Daily Tasks

  • Last 10 minutes of your shift, please always enter call logs into UV (unless you are helping a faculty member). Always mark off what you have entered.
  • Always check the lab to see if it is neat and clean.
  • Always check the voicemail.
  • Look at clipboard on desk with specific tasks that Ellen might have assigned for the week.
  • Answer the phones!

3. Closing Tasks (end of day shift -5pm / 6pm Wednesday

  • All Walk-Ins need to be entered. Please check the schedule, and if you realize you are the last NMA working, please enter the walk in logs.
  • Clean up the lab.
  • Clean Whiteboards.
  • Shut the lights and door and make Ellen get up and enter the code.
  • Push Ellen out of the door.

4. Friday

  • In the afternoon, check the mailroom for paychecks (check with Ellen to see if the AM mail run got the checks.)
  • Email the rest of the NMA's that their check has arrived.
  • Make sure all garbage is out of the two rooms.
  • Make sure Lab and whiteboards are clean.
  • Shut AC down or heat.

Please see theexternal image next-page.png?w=150&h=47for platform training.