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About the Center

The Center for Teaching and Learning is all about assisting faculty with their classroom experience. One part of our group works on teaching initiatives, teaching methods and assessment. Another part of our group works on implementing technology to achieve educational goals while working on teaching methods and assessment.
Prior to 2015, the CTL was known as the CCNMTL. We actually started in 1997 as the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning. The mission was pretty much the same—we are just expanding since 2015 AND including a group of people who dedicate themselves to helping Teaching fellows and TA's.
For more information please check out our homepage at http://ctl.columbia.edu/


The Center has several locations:
  • Butler
    • Room 505 - Home to our developers, video team, design team and communications and Executive Director (Kathy Takayama) sit in 505.
    • Room 204 - The Learning Commons or Room 204 is part of the technology side. You might say that we are a "help desk." Room 204 (formerly called the Faculty Lab) - now known as the Learning Commons, is a place where faculty can come to work. They also walk in and ask for help. Lastly, they can email or call us for help. We have specific hours that are available for the Walk-Ins but we are always available from 9-5 for the calls and emails.
    • Room 212 - our main reception area, it also houses the TIPS groups (Teaching Initiatives Programs) and Teresa and Liz sit in Room 212. There is a classroom in 212.
    • Room 208 - is not ours exclusively, but many programs are housed there. You can check out our events site if someone asks you where an event is.
  • Lewisohn
    • Room 603 - Home to our Learning Designers (formerly known as Educational Technologists), and Lucy Appert - our projects Associate Director.
    • Room 308 - a classroom with a smartboard, that we manage. Known as the Digital Classroom of the future- more information about that room can be found at http://ccnmtl.columbia.edu/our_services/classroom/schedule.html
  • The JTS - (123rd St) - The Jewish Theological Seminary, managed by Kenny Kirschmann.
  • CUMC - The armory - Michelle Hall, Angie Lee and Ashley Kingon reside in our uptown office, servicing the needs of the different schools that exist at the CUMC.

Job Description

Your Job Title is NMA or New Media Associate. Your job duties will be dependent on which location you are working for. {Link to JOB DESCRIPTIONS}

For 204, this job will require phone skills, technology skills and good management. Student employees will be asked to answer the phone. You will be asked to help faculty manage their Courseworks/Canvas site, Wikispaces/Wikischolars sites, Mediathread and EdBlogs.

You will also be asked to do side projects that could entail moving content from one blog to another, small coding projects, editing documents or coding. We might ask you to run errands, to put together packets or to get the mail.


Room 204 is open for Walk In's on Tuesday from 9am-1pm, Wednesday 2pm-6pm and Thursday from 1pm -5pm
We answer the phones in 204B from 9am- 5pm M-F, with Wednesday being the exception (it's open til 6pm)
We answer emails from M-F 9am-5pm - Wednesday until 6pm.

You enter your hours into the timecard system at https://timecard.cul.columbia.edu/
  1. Arrival – please arrive on time. If you are going to be more than 5 minutes late, please contact Ellen by email (efm2133@columbia.edu) If you are scheduled to work in 204, and Liz (emh2183@columbia.edu) if you are scheduled to work in 212.
    If you do not get a confirmation receipt from Ellen, please call 212-854-9058
  2. If you are scheduled to leave at a certain time, please leave at that time. If you are scheduled to work 10am-2pm, do not leave every time at 1:30 pm, or 1:45pm. Schedule your hours so you are scheduled to leave at 1:45pm, if that's when you need to leave.
  3. If you need to change your hours at anytime, please contact Ellen and we will try to get someone to replace you. If you miss hours due to illness, exams etc – you are allowed to make them up, please just arrange the time with the lab manager.
    • I plan my appointments around students coverage in the lab. If you are going to need time off, please alert me as soon as possible, so we can try to get another student in.
    • If someone is sick, or unable to come for any reason, I will email all the students to see if someone can cover.
  4. If you are sick, please email Liz or Ellen, but if you don't get a response within 30 minutes please call the lab number 212-854-9058 or Teresa at 212-854-1692 o to alert the staff.
  5. If you do not show up 3 times, without notification, you will be dismissed
  6. If you consistently are unable to be on time or to even arrive, regardless of the reasons, we will need to speak. If you need to concentrate on school work, this is understandable, however if it is constant, you might need to reduce your hours or suspend working with us. You will be depended on, so showing up to work is important.
  7. Raises can only be issued after 404 hours of service in a year. July 1 to June 30th is a year for us.
***Your education is important to us. If you have class conflicts, exams etc., please don’t hesitate to speak with the lab manager ahead of time, exceptions are possible.


There is no dress code, however, if you sleep in it or wear it to workout, please don’t wear it to the Center.
Please don’t leave pocketbooks or backpacks on chairs or in the middle of the floor. Theft is always a problem and so are tripping hazards. Store items under the desk or in the drawers of the cabinets. Valuables can be locked in the storage closet if you need.


You can always email me at efm2133@columbia.edu, or call us at 212-854-9058. My cell phone is 631-375-9830—texting or calling is appropriate, too. Liz's email is emh2183@columbia.edu and her number is 212-853-0656.

I have created a page for you so that if you need to swap hours with someone, you can. It will be with that semesters schedule. We will have a page for each semester. Please see the semester schedule below, but you can also go to the Schedule to see each others hours so you can communicate with each other.


In the course of working here, you are required to honor student privacy. When you delegate into a site, it is your responsibility to protect the students who go to school here (your classmates) private information. You are not to discuss with people what you see in Courseworks or any other platform. Furthermore, students should never have the ability to change grades in any of our platforms, and if a faculty requests you to work on their gradebook, you are to promptly refer them to the Learning Designer in the room. NEVER enter grades if a faculty gives you the ability. You are required to refuse that and again, and refer it to a Full Time Employee. To help a faculty with their gradebook, you can walk them through while they are in their gradebook, and you are looking at our test site. This is very important, and a break in these policies will result in dismissal, and a possible report to the University, which might cause you to be dismissed from the University.


We generally don't have students working enough time to need a break. However, if you are working through lunch or for more than 3 hours, please arrange with me to have a break. We do not want students starving and I recognize that sometimes you come directly from class and don't eat. Please alert me that you will be grabbing food and might be 5 minutes late, and get some food! However, if you are only working for an hour, please don't ask for breaks - if you need to leave 5 minutes early to get food, we can make arrangements. Lastly, please know that you cannot walk into the library with food (use a bag).


School is always the highest priority here. Allowances for exams, midterms, HW and more will always be made. However, you are expected to behave in a professional manner. For example, please don't request the morning off every time you have an exam. Again, school comes first, but we are counting on you in this office, so if you are constantly unable to make it to work, we will look to change your hours, or take a break until the next semester.

Answering Phones

You are required to answer the phones. All phone calls need to be logged onto the phone log sheet (as of Fall 2015). We will immediately begin to log them into the CTL Activities Log - the student station has the form bookmarked, but if you prefer your own laptop, I can share the form with you. Please NOTE - we will no longer be logging the phone calls into Uservoice. Please do not write the calls on a post it, please put it on the log sheet. Please answer the phone with Center for Teaching and Learning. The next section of this training will be about Answering the phones and phone etiquette. Please click the Next Page Button to continue.
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