Phone Etiquette | Dealing with the Rolm Phone

This section we review what's expected with the phone system at CTL.

Phone Etiquette

  1. When you are at work, you are expected to answer the phones. Please try to answer on the first ring.
  2. Answer with “Center of Teaching and Learning, How may I help you” or “CTL This is (insert your name)”
  3. If you cannot answer a question within the first 5 minutes of the call, please take the persons preferred contact information and end the call to work on the problem, or to get assistance from an Center employee, in 204 this would be Ellen or any Learning Designer who is with you. It is always OK to say, “I am sorry, I am not sure how to do this, I don’t want to waste your valuable time, may I call you back with the solution."
  4. All calls received—please first let them know your name then ask them their name and UNI. It’s a good idea to get a phone number in the beginning (but not always possible)
  5. All calls need to be logged into the phone log and then Uservoice, more details about Uservoice and tracking calls will be presented later.
  6. Nobody should ever be yelled at. If this situation occurs, please explains that you will get the Lab / Learning Commons Manager, and put the person on hold.
  7. If you promise to email the client, please use UserVoice.
  8. It’s ok to put a client on hold when another call comes through (and nobody else can answer the phone.)
  9. If the caller asks for Michael Cennamo or Sarohini Chahal, please ensure that they are not calling thinking that Michael or Sarohini still work as the lab manager. “Is this a Courseworks or a lab call, or do you need them for something specific, Michael / Sarohini no longer work in the lab, they are in another part of CTL and we can answer your call…"
  10. When people ask to be transferred, hit the XFER button, then dial the number. It’s a good idea to give the extension to the person before you do this AND it’s good to wait until the person picks up before you hang up.
  11. Always make sure you are working with faculty. Unless it is a Mediathread issue AND if you feel pity for the student, help them out, but please stress to them that they are not to use our services.
  12. If the lab manager is not in, another Learning Designer should be in the office to assist you. We still ask that you answer the phone first, however, the other ET should answer the phone as well - for example, if you are on the phone already, and the phone rings, the ET should answer the phone.
  13. Earphones are not an option during work. Please do not come to the CTL expecting to listen to music while you work - it's hard to hear the phone with earbuds in your ears.
  14. If someone asks for me, always ask for their name and then put them on hold.
  • If I am in another meeting, please take a message. If they say it is an emergency, please take their information and put them on hold. Discretely interrupt me.

Dealing with the Rolm Phone

1. To dial any Columbia University number, just dial the extension. The extension is the third number, and then the last 4.
ie - 854-9058 - just dial 49058

2. To dial out dial 93- then whatever number
ie. - 212-434-1234 you would dial 934341234
ie - 914-456-7890 you would dial 9319144567890

3. To place a call on hold, hit the hold button, make sure the line is blinking red, and then you can hang up the handset.

4.. To check the voicemail, press the MSGWT button (top right corner) and follow the prompts - you hit pound because you are calling from that phone, then our passcode is 2042 then you hit pound again. Follow the prompts.
*It is the NMA's responsibility to listen and log messages from the voicemail. If we have a voicemail, the phone will blink a red light in the MSGWT button area. Always enter the messages from Voicemail into the Phone Log

5. Alternate greeting. When we have special events or holidays that require us to close the lab, I will create an alternate greeting. Please remove the greeting the first day we open.

6. If asked, the Center's main line and address is:
212 Butler Library
535 West 114th Street
New York, NY 10027

Tutorial for the Rolm phone is found on CUIT's page at

What do you do when you answer the phone? You take down the persons info, please click here external image next-page.png