The phone logs are important to the center. Phone logs:
  • Help us get the person's name, number and UNI.
  • Make it easy for you to keep track of what they need you to do.
  • Make it even easier to pass the call onto the ET in the room.

All phone calls will be logged onto the log sheet that we have on a clipboard in the office and looks like this:

Please don't write information on post-it's. It's better to write it on the call log, and then leave me a post-it telling me to look at the call log.
Once we have completed the calls, please enter it into the CTL Activities Log. The last 10 min of your "shift" should always be dedicated to entering in call logs. For example, if you work 12pm-2pm, at 1:50pm you should begin to enter any call logs that have not been entered into the Activities Log. Once you enter the call into the Activities Log, be sure to note it on the Log sheet (put a check in the column, or an x...or something)
Whoever comes in during the 9am shift, should make sure we have at least 4 sheets of the call logs on the clipboard. The call log is uploaded in the pages and files area of this wiki ... but to make it easy for it is.... Click HERE to get access to the call log sheets!!!
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